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Sugar Naturel uses only high end professional products for all clientele. Prior to having any facial treatments the skin is analyzed and is done to obtain clients skin type and also evaluate any skin conditions present. All skincare treatments include a steam, facial massage, exfoliation and extractions if necessary.

Babor is a state of the art luxurious skin care line from Germany, founded by Dr. Michael Babor. This extensive skincare line has been around for the past 55 years. Babor provides individual skincare needs to meet each persons skin type and provides excellent results. It ensures longer lasting, healthy and nourished skin. Babor skincare creates top quality products using a variety of active natural ingredients. This is why Babor skincare is used for all our facial treatments at Sugar Naturel.

We highly recommend clients receiving and wanting facial treatments on a regular basis that they purchase products for home use as well, based on what skin type and what your trained professional recommends for you . It is absolutely beneficial to have facial treatments performed by your Esthetician on a regular basis but to also maintain the results at home. Products are available for purchase.

Luxurious Skin Performance Facial                      50mins                                  $80                                                

This treatment is designed for the client who wants a simple but thorough skin treatment. The innovative ingredients will protect the cells' DNA with the use of Alpine Stem Cells and OsmoTec which delivers active ingredients to the heart of the skins cells. Providing the skin with age prevention results. 

~Suitable for all skin types.

Luxurious Pure O2 Organic Facial                      60mins                                   $115                                                  

This luxurious all natural ECOCERT- certified facial treatment is for the client who desires top quality Organic products. These products draw strength from plant based active ingredients and those active ingredients are sourced from mountain regions creating natural exquisite products to treat the face. Can also be used on clients with skin allergies or with sensitive skin.

~Suitable for all skin types.

Luxurious HSR Lifting facial                        75mins                              $165                                                   

The HSR (high skin refiner) lifting facials are one of our most luxurious, popular skin treatments provided. This treatment is designed to improve skin's resiliency. Will firm, tone and lift, therefore providing more elasticity. The skin will look highly rejuvinated with a plump and more firm complexion. Results are immediate.

~Suitable for aging skin.

*NEW* Luxurious Reversive Anti-Aging Facial      90mins                               $185                                                  

An innovative new luxurious facial treatment using time-reversed technology to help keep your skin looking young and radiant. This treatment extends and retains the skin cell lifespan. Allowing the skin to keep it's youthful glow and prevent any signs of aging. Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Great treatment to replenish your skin and turn back time.

~Suitable for aging skin.

Luxurious Doctor Babor Vital Detox Facial       90mins                       $150                                                     

Specifically designed for skin in need of regeneration. The vitamins and minerals packed in these products used for this treatment will help  protect the skin from any harmful, toxic substances from entering the skin. Revitalizes the skin from the inside out.

~Suitable skin in need of regeneration.

Luxurious Doctor Babor Anti-Blemish Facial       75mins                      $105                                                  

This Anti-blemish treatment is catered for those with stressed, unbalanced and blemished skin. Our theraputic facial will rebalance the skin and get rid of any impurities leaving a clear, even complexion. Treatments are highly recommended to see actual results. We highly recommend the same products used in these treatments be used at home as well to provide optimum results.

~Suitable for blemished/oily skin.

Add On's

Collagen Mask Treatment                                      $25                                                                                       

Collagen Eye Treatment                                         $15                                                                                       

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