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DermaPod Treatments

The DermaPod is not only a Microdermabrasion machine but also a complete multi-application age managment device that uses localized photo-biostimulation and micro-current technology.

When a combined treatment of Microdermabrasion and photo therapy are used on the skin, the effectiveness is increased by 35%. This treatment rejuvenates the skin one layer at a time.

Kinelift and Dermalift

This treatment is designed to improve muscle tone and treat signs of aging. Stimulates the production of collagen by 5 times. It's a non invasive renewal process for the skin. The pulsated and modulated micro-currents lifts the neck and decollete. This outstanding skin tightening treatment smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

1 treatment                                                      $95                                                                                

Package of 6 treatments                                 $550                                                                              

~Suitable for aging skin, loss of elasticity.


Purelight Therapy (G) Green Light- Hyperpigmentation

This highly effective photo-biostimulation treatment acts directly on melanocytes and hyperpigmentation. Decreases melanin production by 40-60%. Also provides a pleasant anti- depressant and relaxing effect. Also used to reduce redness in the skin.

1 treatment with facial                                                         $95                                                                                

Package of 6 treatments                                                     $500                                                                               

~Suitable for all skin types.


Purelight Therapy (B) Magenta Light - Acne

The main focus for this purelight B is to treat blemished skin. It has anti-bacterial properties that elimates blemishes and soothes and calms sebaceous glands to prevent oilyness.

1 treatment with facial                                                      $95                                                                                        

Package of 6 treatments                                                  $500                                                                                      

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